NWeLearn 2019 has ended
Welcome to NWeLearn 2019! We are excited about his annual event. Here is some housekeeping information to navigate the event:
  • The conference is hosted in the Convention Center, a separate building next to the Riverhouse Hotel. You can walk there from the hotel by taking one of the paths that go under MT Washington Drive or drive directly there.
  • The Convention Center has two levels. Meals and main sessions will be held in the lower level and the breakout sessions will be held in the main or 1st floor.
  • Restrooms are in the 1st Floor across from Cascadia B.
  • The Thursday night, Networking & Hors D’oeuvres, will be held right after the last Thursday breakout session in the main entrance space by the fireplace on the 1st floor.
Feel free to ask any questions, post your experiences in the Slack Community site, nwelearn.slack.com, and upload your pictures to the NWeLearn Conference 2019 Google Photos site.

Jordan Lee

Shoreline Community College
eLearning Advisor
I currently work as an eLearning Advisor at Shoreline Community College, where I support Academic Advising Services and our eLearning department. I split my time between serving the online student population and assisting the eLearning department.

I’m also an Instructional Designer at Bates Technical College. In that role, I
work on special projects, assist faculty, explore different LTIs, and learn how to modify and automate tasks by exploring the Canvas API. Additionally, I advocate for Open Educational Resources, Accessibility, and Quality Matters.